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Domestic Properties Damaged by Fire

In general the amount of structural damage caused as a direct result of the fire is limited and normally confined to the room or area in which the fire happened.

The key to a successful reinstatement of a fire damaged property is normally dealing the travel of smoke and soot throughout a building and the effects of extinguishment waters.

On occasion significant structural damage can occur to a property as a result of a fire. The requirements of Planning, Building Regulations, Conservation and the adequacy of the remaining structure to support reinstated parts have to be taken into consideration.

The property shown was a bespoke hand built timber framed period property with many ornate timber panelled details. The seat of the fire was in the roof and extensive structural damage had occurred in the roof and at first floor level.

Working closely with the Planning and Building Regulations officers we undertook a review of the building elements including every single structural timber and its condition to prepare a scheme of repairs which meant that the existing building could be saved and reinstated to its former glory.

When reinstating a fire damaged property it is important to keep an open mind in terms of reinstatement solutions particularly as significant improvements to a property and economies can be achieved by simplifying the structural layout and adopting modern techniques and practices.

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