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Building Surveys - Domestic

Buying a house usually requires a major financial investment by the prospective owner.

building survey uk domestic londonTo minimise the potential risks associated with the purchase of domestic properties, Pyle Consulting has developed a full range of surveys to satisfy the various requirements of our customers.

Our Chartered Engineers and Surveyors have the appropriate skills and experience to deliver a professional report to our clients within one week of visiting the property. A list of the building surveying services offered by Pyle Consulting is provided below.

Full building surveys

This is the most comprehensive survey and report provided by Pyle Consulting and is most suitable for older and larger houses. Each element of the structure and fabric is inspected in detail. Our report describes the type of work construction, the existing condition and the extent of any repair work required. A summary section is provided at the end of the report which includes maintenance advice and cost information for the repair work.

Structure only survey

This report is mainly suitable for developers who have identified a property which requires significant refurbishment of the fabric and services. Our survey concentrates on the main structural elements including the roof, external walls, floors and foundations. Any structural defects are highlighted in our reports, including budget repair estimates.

Specific defect inspections

Valuation reports produced by banks or building societies can sometimes recommend further inspections before they are willing to award a mortgage on a property. Our Chartered Structural Engineers and Surveyors have the expertise to inspect and report on all building defects such as subsidence, dry rot and rising damp. Our reports provide specific advice on the cause of defects outlining the remedial repairs options and cost implications. Our quick and effective service provides a solution to speed up potential delays with the mortgage process.

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