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Insurance Claims – Subsidence, heave and landslip

Our practice has successfully resolved many hundreds of insurance claims for subsidence, heave and landslip over a period of many years.

subsidence surveryors londonPyle Consulting SubsidenceWe consider the experience we have gained has enabled us to develop an exceptionally high level of expertise

which ensures we correctly diagnose causation and the appropriate repair solution.

Pyle Consulting are able to provide a professional service as private consultants to policyholders or as outsourcers to insurance companies or loss adjusters.

The techniques and procedures for analysing, resolving and repairing properties damaged by subsidence, heave and landslip are ever changing and we make sure that we remain at the forefront of such developments enabling us to select the correct solution to each individual problem.

Our claims handling philosophy is to carefully consider each individual situation before deciding on the most appropriate procurement route to achieve stability of the property.

The general process which we adopt is as follows:-

  • Initial site survey to establish the mechanism of movement and potential causes of damage.
  • Desk top study drawing on our experience.
  • If necessary we will arrange for a detailed site investigation to be undertaken to identify the cause of damage including trial pits, boreholes, sub soil analysis and a CCTV survey of underground drainage.
  • Mitigation work to prevent progressive structural problems.
  • In certain instances, crack width and/or accurate level monitoring.
  • The design of remedial repairs ranging from minor making good to damage to comprehensive crack stitching repairs.
  • Project Management of the repair process using experienced contractors selected from our list of approved specialist.
  • Provision of a Certificate of Structural Adequacy for the owner of the property. This is an important document to assist with the future saleability of the property.
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